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  • Bill Vasko

Tips to Nail Your Next Coaching Job Interview

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Have you ever been in a coaching interview and absolutely bombed on answering questions you knew you should have nailed?

  • Maybe you talked too much?

  • Maybe you didn't talk enough?

  • Maybe you didn't fully understand the question and you rattled off a response that was completely irrelevant to the question?

Being able to tell your story during a coaching interview requires three key points: Problems. Solutions. Results.

  • State what the problems were in your former position

  • Focus on what you specifically did to provide or implement solutions

  • Finally, discuss your results and provide concrete evidence

No matter how tough the questions might be, an AD or head coach is looking to determine your value in relation to their needs. Therefore, it is important that your answers demonstrate how you brought value to your previous programs or institutions.

A coach can effectively demonstrate the value they brought to previous programs or institutions by showcasing a comprehensive understanding of their impact on both individual athletes and the overall team. They can highlight specific achievements, such as notable improvements in team performance, successful implementation of strategic coaching methods, and enhancements in player development. Articulating measurable outcomes, such as increased win-loss ratios, playoff appearances, or individual accolades, provides tangible evidence of their contributions. Additionally, a coach can emphasize their role in fostering a positive team culture, improving morale, and enhancing the overall experience for athletes. Discussing successful recruitment/retention strategies, talent development programs, and community engagement initiatives further illustrates the coach's ability to contribute holistically to the growth and success of the program. It's essential to convey not only the on-field successes but also the positive off-field impact in creating a well-rounded and thriving athletic environment.

Using the three key points above will help you keep your answers brief and to the point.

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Written By: Bill Vasko – CEO, XO Coach

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