Testimonials From Current Members

I like this website a lot. Initially, I thought this was going to be a website that I can enter my information into and it would build a personal webpage-resume that I could include in e-mails when applying for jobs. But I like this even more. It gives me a lot of insight on what kind of stuff to include in my portfolio, philosophies, etc. Thanks for the website! I will continue to use the site. 

- Coach Tony, College Football Coach





Coach, I finally had some extended time to look at the portfolio site today.  I really, really like it. You've done a tremendous job with this site! Nice work!  I will refer anyone here.  I get a TON of people asking me to look at their portfolios or help with theirs, etc. I just don't have the time to help with portfolios, so I've never really done it.  I'll refer any of those guys to you.

- Chris Fore, MA, CAA

@chriscfore on Twitter





Just checked "Make Coaching Portfolio Overview" off my list today. Very pleased with how it has turned out thanks to The Coaching Portfolio Guide!

- Brandon Masloski ‏

@coachbmasz on Twitter





I’ve been a football coach and strength coach for 40 seasons. The Coaching Portfolio Guide has tremendous value for coaches seeking employment. I’ve been on both sides of the selection process since 1975. The competition for coaching jobs is fierce. The selection process is demanding. A high-quality coaching portfolio is essential. You won’t get your dream job without one. I strongly recommend The Coaching Portfolio Guide - the value you get for the price is incredible. The investment for coaching employment is a small price to pay to be professionally prepared to compete. Investing in portfolio consultation is essential. The Coaching Portfolio Guide is your solution.

- Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 Nat’l Coaching Certification Program

  • Head coach – Niagara X-men Football and Robert Bateman High School

  • Owner – X Fitness Inc.

  • Published author: www.ginoarcaro.com





The Coaching Portfolio Guide is by far the most helpful and comprehensive resource I have found to help coaches organize their thoughts and guide them to producing a quality document that will catch an employer's attention. Bill Vasko has provided a one-stop-shop place for coaches who are looking to advance their career.

- Coach Boone





This is a great product to help you stand out in your interview. You have a chance to get across who you are, before you meet with the AD and or principle. You are able to spell out your philosophy, your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Your offense and defensive styles. How you will divide the work among your assistants. If you want your dream job this website is a must have for any coach. I plan on referring all the coaches I know to come here and build a winning resume and portfolio.

- Coach Kevin Moritis

Defensive Coordinator, Northeast High School

Owner, Defense University





Coaches, this is not a paid endorsement. I used this site and I was very pleased at how simple it was to put together my portfolio. The only hard work will be finding all the material you want to place in your portfolio. If you are like me, you will have years of material that you will have to condense. Quantity is not a substitute for quality. My portfolio landed me my first college assistant position at the D3 level. The head coach was impressed with the effort I made to put it all together.

- Anthony Washington, Basketball Coach





I'm a member of the coaching portolio site and it has helped me launch my portfolio in ways I couldn't imagine!

- Coach Sharp


I was a JV head coach who had never applied for a head coaching position. When I was told that I needed a portfolio, I legitimately had no idea what I was supposed to include. Luckily, a Google search brought me to this site. This was the best investment of my life. The tools, examples, and suggestions I found on the site helped me to craft a unique, detailed, and comprehensive portfolio. I am happy to say that I got the very first job I applied for, and I now have my dream job as varsity head coach at the school I never want to leave. Thank you!!!

- Coach Millican

I wanted to say that people like you make this profession great.  I've been preparing for an interview and the materials you have on your site are so invaluable.  I couldn't believe when I read the e-mail and see that a resume review and interview consultation are also included.  This is unbelievably great.  I just wanted to thank you personally for putting together these materials and sharing (yes sharing...your price is an absolute steal) with the coaching community.  You are amazing!  


- Coach Art

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