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Minifolio Packages

Need something special to make yourself stand out from the other candidates?  Our design team can create a professional minifolio - a 3 to 5 page document that focuses on your career highlights and achievements.

In the competitive market of coaching, presenting a comprehensive yet brief overview of one's achievements and capabilities is essential. While a traditional resume may capture the basics, the coaching minifolio is a dynamic and effective tool to showcase a coach's abilities in a compact format.

A coaching minifolio is a condensed document that goes beyond the typical resume, offering a brief yet impactful glimpse into a coach's career highlights, accomplishments, and coaching philosophy. Unlike a comprehensive coaching portfolio, which can be extensive and detailed, the minifolio focuses on presenting key information in a concise manner, making it an ideal resource for quick assessments during job applications, interviews, or networking opportunities.

Sections that can be included in minifolio (maximum of 6 permitted):

  • Cover Page

  • Off the court/field - personal bio

  • Academic achievements of team/players

  • By the numbers - records, stats, championships

  • Checks the boxes - What do you bring to the table?

  • Why Coach "Smith"? - Why should they hire you?

  • Relevant professional skills

  • Recruiting experience & network

  • References / Mentors

  • Timeline of coaching history

  • Career highlights

  • The beginnings (playing career)

  • Top college/pro prospects you coached

  • Other 

Sample Minifolios
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