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With the purchase of your portfolio website, you will receive a domain name and a website hosting package.  These products and all fees are included in your $500 for the first year.  This package must be renewed on a yearly basis. The renewal is the responsibility of you, the client (renewal is approximately $120 per year when you renew both the domain and website builder).  Renewal is handled through your account which is turned over to you after completion of your website.  All account information will be turned over to the client after completion of the portfolio website.


Every effort will be made to complete the portfolio website to the satisfaction of the client.  Upon completion, updates are the responsibility of the client.  Updates can also be performed by XO Coach at a rate of $50 per hour.


Typically, your online portfolio will be designed with the following pages:

  • Home page

  • About/bio/experience page

  • Coaching Philosophies - Portfolio Documents

  • Relevant experience, projects, activities, community involvement page

  • Contact page


There is flexibility to modify which pages are included based upon the client’s preferences. The number of pages is limited to 5.  There is a charge of $50 per each additional page creation.

Upon completion of payment, the following information must be forwarded to begin the process of creating your website:


  • List the titles as you’d like them to appear of the 5 pages included in your base package (list any additional pages as well - final charges will be $50 for each additional page beyond the standard 5 included in your base package).

  • Photos - include as many photos as possible. We may not use them all, but will try to add photos on every page.  Photos should include:

    • Personal photos—head shot and photos of your family.

    • Personal coaching photos—photos of you coaching.

    • Team photos—photos of the athletes you coach.

    • Community involvement photos—photos of you and/or your athletes participating in community service activities.

    • Logos—logos/mascots of current and past schools you have worked at.

  • Bio information – must be typed exactly as you would like it to appear.

  • Other information – any other text info that you would like included throughout the website, such as quotes, statistical information or major achievements of your teams, awards or honors, etc.

  • Copy of your updated resume saved as a pdf file.

  • Recommendation letters saved as pdf files (optional)

  • Portfolio documents – any documents that you would like to be linked on your philosophies/portfolio page, each saved separately as a pdf file. WE DO NOT PREPARE ANY PORTFOLIO DOCUMENTS FOR THE CLIENT.

  • Contact information (phone #, email) to be included on your contact page.

  • Activities – any information that you want included on your page that includes relevant experience, projects, activities, community involvement page

  • Links for any social media accounts you’d like to have on your website (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Color scheme of your website

All documents and info (i.e. bio) must be typed/prepared by the client. We do not create any of the documents.


Please forward all information, files, and photos to, or preferably, you can share them via Google Drive or Dropbox since there will be a number of large files.


I look forward to working with you!


Bill Vasko

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